The Law Offices of Johnine Clark, P.A. was founded in 1997, when Johnine Clark, decided to start practicing law on a full-time basis.  Prior to opening her firm Johnine had clerked with judges and worked with a number of law firms in the DC Metropolitan area honing her litigation skills.

From its’ humble beginnings until now the firm has always sought to provide quality legal services coupled with excellent responsive customer service.

Beginning in the Fall of 2013 the firm experienced an increase in its’ male clientele.  These fathers were not only looking for successful outcomes in their cases, but more importantly, they desired to maintain positive relationships with their children.  The Men and the Business of Divorce platform was birthed out of this experience.

The firm has had tremendous success assisting its’ clients over the years.  However, we know that what matters to you is your case.  While past results do not guarantee a specific result in your case, know that we will do our very best to achieve the outcome that you desire and that you deserve.