RGII “No Pressure No Diamonds” Part 1

I am a huge football fan, so I’m so excited that Football Season is finally here!!

So to make a long story short RGIII is allegedly dating Grete Sadeiko, purchased property in Texas, all while separated from his wife, of three years, Rebecca who is the mother of his child.   RGIII has also allegedly filed for divorce.

Mr. Griffin may know football, but his getting ready to get a hard lesson in divorce law really quick.

Mistake No. 1

Supposedly there are incriminating social media posts between Grete and Robert, and Grete made one of her social media pages private once the news broke.


Incriminating information will be exposed.  No internet content is safe.  Even if the content is deleted by a user, the information is still can be retrieved from cyberspace.

So a word to the wise do not post anything on any social media site that could in anyway come back to haunt you.

“Think before your post!”