RGIII “No Pressure No Diamonds” Part 4

So here is my last installment on this topic.

I was sad to hear that RGIII suffered a shoulder injury and is on IR for potentially 10 weeks.  Maybe during this time he can reflect on his actions.

Mistake No. 4:

It appears that RGIII has his head in the clouds, not understanding the potential damage that he is doing.


Speak with an attorney.**  Don’t speculate about what you think you can and cannot do, but get some sound legal advice  to create a strategy for how to proceed during this time of separation or when things start to sour in general.

While some respond that attorney’s fees are too expensive.  My response is always the same:

“You can pay me now, or you can pay me later, but rest assured you are going to pay me.”

**In my upcoming blog posts I’ll be discussing how to choose a family law attorney.