RGIII “No Pressure No Diamonds” Part 2

Professional Football has become a year-round  sport.  When the season is over, there is off season conditioning and training camps.

Over the course of a year, the players spend little time with their families.

Mistake No. 2

So Robert and his wife, Rebecca, are separated and his daughter is living with her.  Add to that the time that heis spending being a professional athlete, that translates into very little time that he is spending with his daughter.

With that it mind, it will be very difficult, at the time of the custody hearing, for Robert to argue that he and his wife can have shared or joint custody of their daughter.  It’s just not practical.

The type of custody you have will translate into the amount of child support that has to be paid.  Robert is setting Rebecca up for a big payday!!


If you and your child’s mother are separating or separated, establish a consistent visitation schedule, that includes the child (ren) spending the night with you on a regular basis.

Become Mr. Mom!!