Women are from Venus… REALLY??!!

We’ve heard the adage over and over that men and women are just different. I can tell you I have had female clients who get the process, trust me to have their best interests, and we have had a successful experience. But I have had female clients, who really concern me with their level of determination to make their “soon to be X” suffer at all costs. Now just to be clear, I don’t condone this latter behavior, and having done this for a minute, I can usually weed that type of personality out at the initial consultation, and will refuse to take their case. Uh oh you thought that lawyers are obligated to take your case when you walk through the door. Right ?!! Nope!!! In fact the more seasoned you become, the more cases you reject. But I digress. However, I’m not going to let the men off the hook. It’s not that men don’t have the ability to be vindictive or to want to see their soon to be “X” tarred and feathered. It’s just that the approach is different. Usually, my male clients want to preserve their name, some semblance of dignity and of course their 60” widescreen TV. The problem is your desire to be fair, is not what the other side has in mind. I’m not suggesting that you not continue to desire fairness, but in a family system that is overwhelmingly biased towards women, you may want to make fairness your….

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